Kevin and Jane Fourie proudly show off their solarZero smart battery

solarZero a dream come true for Kevin and Jane

In 2016, Kevin was at the departure lounge at Nelson Airport flying to Australia when he first came across solarZero - a new solar energy service - in an airport billboard ad. Kevin checked out solarZero’s website and he was excited to see this innovative solar energy service option available in New Zealand.  

At the time, Kevin lived in Australia where he worked for 10 years as a Specialist Solar Monitoring Consultant and systems aggregator.  In 2001, the Australian government introduced a mandatory renewable energy target (MRET) designed to ensure renewable energy achieved a 20% share of electricity supply in Australia by 2020. As a result, a ‘Feed-In Tariff’ was introduced with household solar customers paid for exported excess solar energy to the grid. Today more than two million, or 21 percent, of Australian households have rooftop solar PV installations, with a combined capacity exceeding 10 GW.

Kevin and his partner Jane were renting their home at the time, so were unable to install a solar energy system and take advantage of the cost savings and incentives offered at the time. On the Gold Coast where they were living, solar energy is commonplace - over one in four homes (25%) are solar connected, whereas in the whole of NZ only 4% of homes are solar-powered. 

Going solar back in New Zealand

Getting solar was very much top of mind for Kevin when the couple moved back to New Zealand in 2018. They did their research on what solar options were available, and now being homeowners were able to join solarZero.    

Kevin was further reassured by a friend who was already a solarZero customer and spoke highly of the system, which he uses to charge his EV as well as power his home. Kevin took a look at the system hardware at his friend’s place which clinched the deal.

“It was a no brainer,” says Kevin.  “With zero capital cost, a fixed service fee that includes a replacement battery and the clever energy monitoring tool - I was sold!”

Kevin says his experience with solarZero has been “good as gold”.

“The product is state of the art and ahead of its time, the service is effective and efficient, and the customer care response is always professional and personable. The solarZero teams in Auckland and Nelson are friendly and efficient.

“I feel part of the company’s vision - a solarZero citizen, not just another customer.”

Kevin and Jane love solarZero so much they have already referred 11 of their friends and family to look into joining the solarZero revolution with them.

We are over the moon that one of our referrals has just committed to have solarZero installed on their home - having been given the full tour of our system. She also 'loves' the mysolarZero portal and she has another friend who also has had solarZero for 4 years now and she uses the mysolarZero portal often too.”

Tracking consumption

Kevin loves to check his mysolarZero dashboard to track his solar production and energy usage daily.  “This is a must and I scan it daily to see how much better we are doing each day. We are already producing 2.6kW and that covers our hot water supply in full. Roll on Summer Savings!”

Kevin says the best thing about running their home on solar energy is that the power source is managed directly from their home.  

Solar energy is reaching its daily peak earlier each day and lasts for longer = more savings. And with the grid energy price protection and credits for solar energy export to the grid, I’m paying very little on top of the monthly fee.”

Our energy consumption is directly offsetting the production that we now prioritize for use between 9.30am and 3.30 pm.”

The graph above shows when Kevin and Jane use their appliances the most, coinciding with the highest periods of solar production on their home.

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