Why should you think about solar when building a new home or renovating?

  • No additional cost

    We cover the cost of the solar pre-wiring in your home and work with your electrician to make sure your switchboard is configured correctly when you decide to install solar.

  • Future-proof your home

    The right wires are installed so even if you don’t install a solar system straight away it will be ready for when you do.

  • Keep your aesthetics intact

    By pre-wiring for solar, the solar system can be installed seamlessly into the home's electrical system. There are no unwanted wires or ugly holes later in the installation process.

  • Lower energy costs

    We offer two ways to get solar installed. With options to suit your home and lifestyle you’ll enjoy lower energy costs from the moment that you move in.

Easy steps to getting solar installed at your new home

We make the process of getting solar as part of your new build, or renovation as easy as possible. We work with your on-site contractors to make the process straightforward. Here’s how it works:

  • Starting your build or renovation

    Introduce us to your project manager or builder as soon as you have started, and we can determine the best time to install the wiring for solar. We can take care of all of this for you. 

  • The pre-wiring of solar for your house

    We take care of this with our team of engineers. We will schedule the best time to do this with your builder or project manager. We also cover the cost.

  • Installing solar system

    Once the code of compliance has been issued, we will come and install the solar system for you.

  • Solar system activation 

    Once the solar system has been installed, and it has passed its installation checks, it will be switched on and you will be powering your home on sunshine.

Wondering if solar is right for your new home?

That's all part of our job. Our team of solar experts are here to help guide you through the options and work out what options are suitable for your new home. Fill out your details below and one of our friendly energy experts will be in touch to help guide you through the process. 

Flexible options

Solar success stories

Meet Belinda, she contacted us during her building process and we were able to pre-wire her house for solar. This meant that all the wiring was installed as part of the build. She chose to get a solar subscription and is enjoying powering her home with lower energy costs. 

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Belinda's story


Starting out on your solar journey can seem a little daunting at first. So, we’ve compiled some of our frequently asked questions to help you navigate the world of solar below: 

Pre-wiring for solar means we’ll install the electrical wiring needed for solar during the construction phase of your home being built or renovated. Introduce us to your builder or your project manager and we can work with them to schedule the electrical work. Once your code of compliance has been issued you are ready for your home to have a solar system installed. 


Our team of energy experts will help you with this. We’ll just need a few details about your new home - like the orientation and slope of your roof, nearby trees or buildings to be able to assess your home for solar.


Ideally, you should plan for solar installation during the design phase of your new home or renovation. This allows for seamless integration of solar panels into the architectural plans and ensures the best placement for maximum sunlight exposure. We can, however, plan for solar installation after this stage and work closely with your construction team.


The size of your recommended solar system depends on your home’s size and energy use. We look at each home individually, looking at various factors such as your energy consumption, available roof space, and budget, to help determine the best solar set up for you. 


Our solar systems are designed to complement your home’s architecture, not obstruct it. Sometimes the solar panels are not even noticeable on our customers’ roofs. However, if you do have caveats about your designs, it’s important to let us know at the start of the process.


Most new homes are suitable for pre-wiring for solar. However, different factors such as roof orientation, shading, caveats, and local building codes might come into play. We assess each home on a case-by-case basis and do our best to find a solar solution to suit.


Absolutely. We recommend always pre-wiring as part of your new home build as it allows you to future-proof your home for solar energy and enjoy a seamless installation when the time comes. If your home has all the wiring already set in its walls, there’ll also be no messy cables or holes required in the installation process.


Our team are experts in solar installations and will be able to complete the installation in a day. 


Typically, there are no consents required for installing solar on a new home. It’s best to discuss solar with your builder or project manager as early in the construction process as possible so if consent is required you can make sure that you get it as part of the planning process.


Our solar systems allow you to run your home with lower energy costs. From the moment you move in you can be safe in the knowledge that you are powering your home with lower energy costs. You’ll save on the cost of retrofitting later, as well as streamlining the panel and battery installation process.   


The best time for pre-wiring to start is once your roof is installed, and the building’s wrapped, and before the insulation and gib are installed. We can work with your project manager or builder to make sure that we install our electrical cabling at the right time. 


Our trusted solar installers will pre-wire your new build for solar, working alongside your onsite project manager, builder, electrician, and roofer to ensure everything goes smoothly. 


No, we will liaise with your builder or onsite project manager to make sure that the timing works. 


We will cover the cost of the solar pre-wire, but we may need to ask your electrician to increase the size of your switchboard to allow room for the solar system. These details will be finalised before installation, so you have complete transparency of costs.