Monitor your solar energy system with the SolarZero App

If you're thinking about making the switch to solar, you’ll want to be able to monitor your solar system – so you’ll know how much energy your home is using and where it’s coming from. With the SolarZero App you can track and manage your solar energy systems, energy generation, grid export and import and updates on your battery status. By using solar monitoring, you can reduce the amount of energy you are using and increase your savings.

How the SolarZero App works

Get visibility of your SolarZero solar energy system on your smart phone.


Featuring up-to-date data on your energy use, generation, and daily carbon savings tracking – running on good energy has never been easier. 

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The best bits

The SolarZero App is designed to make tracking, monitoring and optimising your solar energy system from your smart phone easy as possible.



Here are some of the features that you’ll enjoy:

  • Up-to-date data

    Monitor how your home is being powered, helping you optimise energy consumption by seeing how much solar energy your home is using.  

  • Track your usage

    Get useful data on how much energy your home is using and generating, as well as how much energy you’re importing versus exporting and selling back to the grid.

  • Get battery status updates

    Get visibility of how much power you have left in your battery in case of a power cut. 

  • Daily carbon savings tracking

    See how much carbon you’re saving by running on renewable energy.

  • Refer-a-Friend

    Access your unique referral code to share with friends and family and earn $1,000 for each person who installs solar with us.

Wondering if solar is right for you?

Making the switch to running on sunshine will save you money without having to compromise on your home comforts. Discover the benefits of making the switch to solar. 

Already a SolarZero customer?

Simply click below to download the SolarZero App and use the same login that you use for your MySolarZero dashboard. Forgot your details? No worries – you can reset your password once you open the SolarZero App. 


When you first get a solar system installed, it is a common misconception that you can use as much energy as you want. The solar monitoring that comes with the SolarZero App, along with making changes to your daily routine, will help you reduce the amount of energy you are using. For example, setting appliances to run during the day when your solar system is generating power can increase your savings.


No, we have designed our SolarZero App to be easy to use. There are tips and tricks that you can access along the way to explain what you are seeing. 


Our SolarZero App gives you visibility on how your solar energy system is running with up-to-date data. From how much energy is being generated and stored, to how much power you’re using from the grid — so you’ll enjoy having visibility on what’s happening with your system.  
If you want leave it to us, no worries, our team of energy experts work behind-the-scenes continually optimising your system, ensuring it’s working efficiently and saving you as much on your power bill as possible.

The benefit of using the SolarZero App is you can see how much energy you are using and adjust your behaviours to reduce your energy consumption which will increase your savings. 

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