The benefits of good energy

What you get from going solar.

Energy that saves money and is good for the planet.

Solar energy is the most sustainable way to power your home. Our systems absorb the sunshine that hits your roof, converting it into electricity to power your home and selling any excess energy back to the grid.  

Reducing your home’s power bill

Solar’s all about storing the good energy the sun can provide and using this to power your home in the cheapest way possible. Any excess energy your roof produces is captured and stored in your battery to be used in busy periods (when grid energy use is usually the highest and most expensive). 

Powering even your biggest appliances

The beauty of solar is that you don’t have to compromise on your home comforts to run your household with it. Our solar energy systems are designed to power even your biggest home appliances, and where an extra top-up is required, connect seamlessly with the grid to keep you going.

Appliances like your hot water, electric vehicles, swimming pools, spas and hot tubs can all be connected to your solar energy system while also reaping the benefits of a lower monthly power bill and carbon footprint.

Working hard, no matter the weather

It’s a common misconception that solar power only works on sunny days — thankfully, it’s an all-year-round operation. Of course, solar energy thrives off endless sunshine, but our technology is designed to be able to run in all weather conditions.

Even if it’s cloudy or low-light conditions, our solar panels will still generate energy to power your home.

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How solar works

Technology you can rely on

One of the best parts of solar systems is that they’ve been designed to last. The average solar panel is expected to last for more than 25 years without needing to be replaced or becoming obsolete.

This means once they’re installed, you won’t have to worry about upgrading or replacing them. And the added benefit - we’re conscious of eliminating waste in every part of our business, and the hardware within our systems is no exception.

Low maintenance, low upkeep

A lot of people talk about a concern that they’ll have to maintain the solar panels.  But there’s no need to worry - we thought of that, and we have a simple solution we install our solar panels at a specific angle that allows them self-clean.

This means you don’t need to get up on the roof every week and give them a wash. Our team of energy experts monitor all of our customers’ systems and will get in touch on the rare occasion they need a clean.

Profiting off the good energy you generate

On top of saving you money on your power bill, solar can also make you money back. How?  By selling any excess energy you generate back to the grid - and at a great rate.

If your battery’s at full solar storage and your panels are still generating electricity, we’ll discharge your battery and sell its energy on your behalf. This will be sold at a competitive rate thanks to our partnership with grid suppliers. Once sold, any money that you earn will appear as solar credits on your power bill from our partner retailer, which will come off the total that you need to pay each month. All without you lifting a finger.

Now that you understand the benefits of solar, here’s how the technology works.

Solar power harnesses technology to power your home.